Wait list

Wait list closed and will reopen in January.

Wait list

Wait list is currently 8 months long.

New Variety

New variety Chestnuts previously worked on by other breeders. My foundations are from Rivendell. Chestnuts currently come in 3 shades light medium and dark. Although my focus is getting a standard for a Medium chestnut colour. There will likely be a mix of different varieties as I work on this new variety.
Chestnut is a orange like colour with Black eyes. Others have also called it dirty orange.

Wait list open

Wait list is open and about 6 months long. Please return a application form to go on it.

Wait list

Wait list is open. Please sent in a application form if you are interested in going on it.

Waitlist closed

Please note wait list is fully closed. No rats available. Wait list is currently 6 months long.
I will not be replying to people asking for rats.

Wait list open for Does and Bucks

Please note minium wait is 3 months but Does are likely 5 months at the moment.

Wait list closed for does

Waitlist is closed for does any applications sent wanting does will not be answered and will need to be resent once list is reopen for them. List still open for bucks.

Keep eye on facebook page and the site for when it reopens.


All kittens reserved.

Wait List

Although the wait list is open at the moment it quite long and the current litters will be going to people already on it. Feel free to apply but I can not give you a date I will have available kittens for you. The next litters are planned for homing in August.