Mated Litters

The following litter has been mated up. Homing estimated middle of September.

Gallifrey Captian Jack (Red Eyed Marten Dumbo) Owned by Sophie Purgh x Gallifrey Jewel (Black Eyed Marten Dumbo) (Possible Marten and Black Self in Dumbo possible some Roans)

These other 2 are planned as well

Gallifrey Taliesin (Black Self) Owned by Emma Settle x Gallifrey Regina (Agouti) (Possible Agouti, Black, Russian Blue Agouti, Himalayan, British Blue and Russian Silver in top ear)

Gallifrey Jet (Black Roan Dumbo) Owned by Rachel Heaton x Gallifrey Trillian (Black Rex Dumbo)
(Possible Black Self in Rex and Smooth and Black Roan in Rex and Smooth in Dumbo)
All Black Roan Rex Dumbos likely to be kept

Litter update and warning

All kittens have been allocated next litters planned for June with homing in August.

Here is a great article from another breeder on how to find a good breeder and also the best way to approach a breeder. Article is here

Please be aware there is a couple of Back Yard Breeder breeders in Doncaster so please be very careful make sure you fully question any breeder. One who is in fact telling people that their rat had a accidentally litter. Please be aware some breeders may care for they rats well but it does not mean they know anything about breeding rats.

New Litters and fully open Wait list

I’ve fully opened the wait list again.

2 new litters born

Born 20th April (going to people on wait list)

Gallifrey Dante (Black Roan Dumbo) x Ouzle’s Lucy (Black Self Dumbo)
(Possible Black Self and Black Roan in Dumbo)
3 x Bucks
2 x Does

Born 23rd April (going to people on wait list)
Gallifrey Dante (Black Roan Dumbo) x Gallifrey Voyage of the Dawn Treader aka Dawn (Black Self Dumbo)
(Possible Black Self and Black Roan in Dumbo)
7 x Does
6 x Bucks

Rey Litter

Born 16th April (going to people on wait list)

Tenebrae Wellington (Black Self Top Ear) x Gallifrey Rey (Agouti Striped Roan Top Ear)

Litter of 5 born these will go to people already on the wait list.

Planned litters updated for June

Some litters have been mated and looking at homing for June time hopefully everything will go well.

I’ve added a new mating which will hopefully have some Black Dumbos for people already on the wait list. I’ve also added extra information to give people a idea on my keepers so they don’t get they hopes up to high on certain varieties. That is not to say none will be available at all it just means that if there only a couple those will be the ones that will likely be keepers.

Planned litter page

Wait list is still long and only open for new applications of people wanting does or either.

Litter born

Antia had her litter of 7 a few days ago these kittens will go to people already on the wait list.

Please note if you are wanting to go on the wait list you will be looking at a wait of over 6 months now as I have a very long wait list.