Currently mating up some litters so should have more information in a couple of weeks time. These will be ready for homing end of Feb start of March.

New Litter

Gallifrey Molly gave birth to 9 kittens on 12th November. If you are interested in going on the wait list for these please send though a application form. Please note these will not be homed for Christmas.

Application forms

If you would like to go on the wait list please make sure you are fully filling in the application form. It’s very important you give full information on food, bedding and cage. Unfortunately due to time limits I don’t have time to answer these for you. You need to be researching there is a lot of information on websites. You need to research and put the information on the application form. I’m getting a lot of answers like “will be guided by you.” “if you tell me what to get I will get it.” “Not sure yet.” “Rat Food from the pet shop”

All Kittens Reserved

All kittens are now reserved next litters likely available for start of January. Please note I do not home my kittens for Christmas.

Natasha Litter

Natasha gave birth to 13 kittens on 10th September 2019 first sexing shows 7 Does and 6 Bucks. This will likely all go to people already on the wait list.

Kitten Price

Due to rising costs I’ve made the decision to put the prices of my kittens up. The new price will be £20 per kitten and new deposit per kitten is £10. This puts my price in line with a lot of other NFRS breeders. Prices will taken into effect from any kittens born after the 9th October. If you want to be removed off the wait list please email.

New Litter

Mona gave birth on 3rd September to 9 kittens 4 does and 5 bucks. These will be going to people already on the wait list.

New Litter

Melody gave birth on 13th July to 8 kittens 2 does and 6 bucks. These will be going to people already on the wait list.

Wait list is open

The wait list is now open. For the next 6 months I will be running a trial on a new way of doing the wait list.

How the wait list will now run once your application form has been accepted. You will be given a link to facebook group to join. This group is for the sole reason to allocate kittens I am the only one that can post in it.

When kittens are available they will be listed in the group and you will need to get in contact with me to express interest in them.

Return the application form that can be found on this page. Please email it to

New Varieties

I will be working on breeding some new varieties in the next 6-7 months. These will be Cinnamon and and Black Eyed Silver Agouti both in top ear.