Wait List

Although the wait list is open at the moment it quite long and the current litters will be going to people already on it. Feel free to apply but I can not give you a date I will have available kittens for you. The next litters are planned for homing in August.

New Litters

Born 10th April  Gallifrey Ginny (Silver Fawn) likely Silver Fawn small chance of Dumbo and Rex. Valiance Carlotta (Agouti Capped) this line new so expecting some weirdly marked kittens in Black and Agouti.

Please note none will be homed until after lock down.

Kittens can be reserved though for pick up after. If you are interested in joining the wait list group please return the application form that can be found on this page https://www.gallifreyrattery.com/application-form/


Gallifrey Brea gave birth on 7th April. Likely will be a mix of Black Self and Black Roan some dumbo. If you interested in kittens please send in a application form. Please be aware they will not be homed till lock down is finished.


No kittens will be leaving till at least 1st June this will be evaluated on 1st May. Please note any kitten pick ups may have to be done via none contact.


I don’t have any available kittens at the moment but I am in the middle of planning litters.


Currently mating up some litters so should have more information in a couple of weeks time. These will be ready for homing end of Feb start of March.

New Litter

Gallifrey Molly gave birth to 9 kittens on 12th November. If you are interested in going on the wait list for these please send though a application form. Please note these will not be homed for Christmas.

Application forms

If you would like to go on the wait list please make sure you are fully filling in the application form. It’s very important you give full information on food, bedding and cage. Unfortunately due to time limits I don’t have time to answer these for you. You need to be researching there is a lot of information on websites. You need to research and put the information on the application form. I’m getting a lot of answers like “will be guided by you.” “if you tell me what to get I will get it.” “Not sure yet.” “Rat Food from the pet shop”

All Kittens Reserved

All kittens are now reserved next litters likely available for start of January. Please note I do not home my kittens for Christmas.

Natasha Litter

Natasha gave birth to 13 kittens on 10th September 2019 first sexing shows 7 Does and 6 Bucks. This will likely all go to people already on the wait list.