What happens when litter is born

What happens once the litter is born?

Updates on the litter will be on the site and facebook including pictures. Once I decide which kittens I’m keeping. I will email people on the waiting list. Kittens are normally allocated at about 5 weeks old and homed at 7 weeks.

Please note in order to be put on the wait list or get kittens from me you still need to fill in an application form.

I will try my best to match up people with what they want but this is all to do with mother nature so not always possible.

I have previously had a higher number of bucks in my litters than does and I keep more does from the litter than bucks. Currently at the moment there has been a huge interest in bucks from all breeders and my wait list for bucks is twice the length than for does.

So it’s always best to not get your hopes up on exactly a certain type and if you currently don’t have any rats to be open to have either sex as this means it’s more likely you will have kittens from the next litter.

To give you a idea on how mother nature can work against things. I’ve previously had a litter of 8 bucks a litter of only 2 does. I’ve planned 3 litters and only one has given birth. A litter I thought would give me blues and agouti’s instead gave me half of the kittens as agouti and half black.

I myself am still on a wait list for certain variety and have been for 2 years. I was also on a wait list for a year before I got another variety. These have all been for pets not breeding. For others I’ve have traveled around the country for them longest journey was 3 hours to get there by bus, train and taxi. Rats travel really well me not so much but it was worth it.

Replying to emails

You must reply promptly to all emails sent. None replies or late replies could result in your kittens being offered to someone else and you being removed from the wait list.

Once I have emailed you to tell you the kittens that are available for you, you must reply to the email within 4 days. You have 7 days in order to make a minimum £5.00 adoption fee payment per kitten to reserve your kittens. The rest to be paid in cash on collection. Adoption costs £35 per pair or £50 for a trio.
This is to ensure that I am sure that my kittens have got a home to go to and the time limits ensure that others on the waiting list don’t have to wait too long to find out if there is any spare kittens.

Collecting the Kittens

The rest of the adoption fee must be paid on collection in cash.

Kittens can either be collected from my home address or from a rat show I will be at. Please bring you own carrier with a water source (recommend veg or fruit rather than water bottle. e.g cucumber, apple or melon.)

Rat trains can be discussed but can not be promised.

Kittens come with a copy of they family tree and a bag of they current dry food. Addtional welcome package can be purchased (must be reserved in advance) which includes a hammock pictures available on request.

If duing any point in the life of the kittens you are unable to look after them please get in contact with me first to discuss rehoming. I would rather they come back to me but rehoming to someone else can be discussed at no point must they be put up on anywhere like gumtree/preloved.

If at any point you decide you no longer want to be on the list please let me know straight away as others may miss out on kittens.