Recommanded Cages

You will often find the cheapest places to get cages are from gumtree and ebay.

Please remember these will be second hand but may still be very useable.

Other good places to get cages

Cage calculater here

common mistakes made when cage buying.

  • Cage not big enough or high enough. Rats need room to climb. Tanks are not suitable.
  • Bars are too wide apart meaning that rats can escape.
  • Wire bases floor. Rats feet can get damaged. Although putting something hard on top can resolve it I still would not recommand a cage with wire floor.
  • Doors not big enough. The cage might be great but putting you hand in to reach to the back or even getting a toy in will get on your nerves.
  • Low base/no kick boards. For some people this does not matter I have both types of cages but if your the type of person that hates bedding to be kicked out of the cage on to the floor this might be something to really think about.


I recommand a minimum size 70 x 80 x 50 cm

Some of the best first cages people get for 2 or 3 rats

Savic Zeno 2
Savic Zeno 3
Savic Freddy 2
Savic Freddy 3
Savic Freddy 2 Max
Ferplast Furet Plus

Other good cages but with small doors

Little Friends Mamble Rat
Ferplast Jenny

The first cage I got and still one of my favourtie was a

Ferplast Furet Plus

It’s great for a small group max of 3 although I have had 4 bucks under the ages of 2 months in it.

The great thing about it is the fact you can take it fully apart making it easy to clean and also pack away.


Freddy 2 cage

I have 2 of these both second hand lovely strong cages very hard wearing. Down side only have one door and due to fact being soild can not be packed away .

I think you could fit about 5 rats in one.


Savic Royal Suite

If you have more rats and enough money I would go with a Savic Royal Suite. It’s very hard to find a cheap one but it’s a wonderful cage. Very soild comes on wheels with a stand.

It can fit 11 rats in. Mine is currently spilit into 2 groups easily done by putting a baking tray over the hole between the top and bottom part.


My rat room