Kitten Price increase

I have made a decision to up the cost of pairs of kittens. Any kittens born after 1st November will be £35 a pair and £50 a trio. I know other breeders charge less than me and that fine. I think every breeder has a right to make they own decisions as long as it’s for the good of the rats. I do not breed to make profit but I also have to think I don’t want to loss too much money. I’ve charged the same for pairs for nearly 3 years. We all know prices go up some of my local vet fees have tripled in the last year and food is on the increase. I would like my rats to still have the same life they currently have and feel this is the best way to keep up with this. I hope you understand. If you would no longer like to be on the wait list please get in touch.

Mercy Litter

Mercy gave birth on 10th August this litter will go to people already on the wait list.

Born 10th August 2018

Gallifrey Cassian (Black Berkshire) x Milliways Mercy (Black Striped Roan Top Ear)

7 x Does

8 x Bucks

Wait list closed

Wait list is closed and likely to reopen mid September.

Rescue Rats

There is recently a large rescue done in the South Yorkshire Area from an backyard breeder. Unfortunately this seems its offloading of excess animals and this breeder is going to carry on breeding. Please fully question anyone you get pets from.

There are 71 different animals looking for homes some of them Rats. It’s likely this number will increase due to the fact they been kept together by the backyard breeder. These are currently based in Doncaster.

Find out more information here

There is also 36 rats in the Lancaster area again this number may increase due to mix sexes being kept together by the same backyard breeder.

Find out more information here

The rescues will need to treat the animals so won’t likely be ready to home for a while but I’m sure they will look forward to any help others can offer or interest in homing them for when they are ready to leave.


Currently Planning Litters

Currently in the process of working out which does to breed so should have more information on litters in August. I will be closing my wait list on 1st August. Please note by going on my wait list now does not mean you will definitely be getting kittens from the next lot of litters.

I’m trying to keep my wait list manageable at the moment so that people aren’t waiting longer than 5 months but of course things can change. Which is why I’m opening and closing my list at different times. The next time it’s likely to reopen will be for a very short time late September or early October and then it will close again till January.

Wait list now open

I have reopened the wait list please make sure to fully fill in the application form you can download from this page.

Then email it to contact@gallifreyrattery.com

Wait list Closed

The wait list is closed the current kittens will be going to people already on the wait list.

New litter and extra information

There is a new litter that will be going to people already on the wait list.

Born 2nd Feb

Gallifrey Rimmer (Black Rex) x Gallifrey Polly (Black Roan Rex)

Please be aware the varieties I breed are the following Self, Roan and Striped Roan in Black in top ear and dumbo. In smooth and rex
Working on Silver Fawn and Agouti Rex

If you do not want Black rats at all or rats with Black on or red eyed rats I may not be the breeder for you. Sometimes I get rats that pop up that are different varieties this is rare and something I’m breeding away from. If you only want rats of the ones that randomly pop up then it’s likely you will be on the wait list for 7 months or more. I most often home a roan rat with a black self making it fair to all. The dumbo rats I breed mainly are roans and black selfs.

You can see pictures of some of the varieties I breed here

Available Rats

If you are interested in going on the wait list.

Please return the application form which can be found here to contact@gallifreyrattery.com

New Litter

New litter will likely go to people already on the wait list.

Born 7th January

Gallifrey Hades (Black Roan Dumbo) x Gallifrey Nefertiti (Black Self Dumbo)
Homing Feb 2018

First sexing shows 4 Does and 10 Bucks with a mix of likely Self and Roan.