New litter and extra information

There is a new litter that will be going to people already on the wait list.

Born 2nd Feb

Gallifrey Rimmer (Black Rex) x Gallifrey Polly (Black Roan Rex)

Please be aware the varieties I breed are the following Self, Roan and Striped Roan in Black in top ear and dumbo. In smooth and rex
Working on Silver Fawn and Agouti Rex

If you do not want Black rats at all or rats with Black on or red eyed rats I may not be the breeder for you. Sometimes I get rats that pop up that are different varieties this is rare and something I’m breeding away from. If you only want rats of the ones that randomly pop up then it’s likely you will be on the wait list for 7 months or more. I most often home a roan rat with a black self making it fair to all. The dumbo rats I breed mainly are roans and black selfs.

You can see pictures of some of the varieties I breed here

New Litter

New litter will likely go to people already on the wait list.

Born 7th January

Gallifrey Hades (Black Roan Dumbo) x Gallifrey Nefertiti (Black Self Dumbo)
Homing Feb 2018

First sexing shows 4 Does and 10 Bucks with a mix of likely Self and Roan.


If you currently on the wait list and you have changed your mind of variety or sex of rats you are wanting please get in touch to update your details.

Please keep a eye on the site as the wait list will soon be fully opening again.

New Litter and Wait list update

Wait list is closed for Bucks due to length of wait. I will announce on this page and facebook when it’s open again for Bucks. It’s open for Does.

New Litter (will go to people already on the wait list)

Gallifrey Aladdin (Agouti) x Gallifrey Trillan (Black Rex Dumbo)
(Possible Agouti and Black Self in Rex and Smooth in Dumbo and Top ear)
All Agouti Rex likely to be kept

First sexing shows 6 x Bucks and 4 x Does