Planned Litters

Wait list is Closed

Breeding for Roan’s and Striped Roan’s in Black in Smooth and Rex in  top ear and dumbo. Black Self in smooth and rex in top ear and dumbo.

Working on Silver Fawn

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To find out about what varieties I breed and what I expect will be in my litters go to my lines here

2018 plans likely to change a lot


Gallifrey Rimmer (Black Rex) x Gallifrey Random Frequent Flyer (Agouti Top Ear)
(Possible Black Self in Rex and Smooth and Agouti in Rex and Smooth in Dumbo and Maybe some Berkshire and Roan)

Milliways Lobsang (Black Striped Roan) x Gallifrey Lyra (Black Berkshire)
(Possible Black in Self, Striped Roan, Roan Smooth in Top ear Maybe some Berkshire, Satin and Siamese)

August Homing September

Gallifrey Gimli (Agouti Top Ear) x Rivendell Maharet (Silver Fawn Top Ear)

Milliways Lobsang (Black Striped Roan) x Gallifrey Lieutenant Connix (Black Self Top Ear)

September Homing November

Gallifrey Aargorn (Agouti Rex) x Rivendell Pandora (Silver Fawn Top Ear)
(Possible Agouti in Rex and Smooth in Top Ear)

Milliways Lobsang (Black Striped Roan) x Milliways Mercy (Black Striped Roan Top Ear)