Full Application Form

Please copy and paste it into a email and email it to contact@gallifreyrattery.com

***Wait list currently Open***

If you are under 18 please get a parent or guardian to fill it in on your behalf. Even if you will be the main carer.

If you are having issues with this form please email contact@gallifreyrattery.com

Please make sure you fully fill the form in with all details when you send it in. If I believe you need added advice I can give it but you must do some basic research first.

I need to know this information so I am sure that my rats are going to the best home possible. You can find more information on rat care on my site. Don’t forget to read the following pages http://www.gallifreyrattery.com/faqs and http://www.gallifreyrattery.com/waiting-list

Feel free to ask me questions.

  1. Full Name:

  2. Email address:

  3. Location:

  4. Are you a member of any rat clubs or forums and if you are what is your username?

  5. Why do you want rats as a pet?

  6. Are the rats for a present? If they are is this person over 18? (please note if your 18 or look younger I may ask you to show id before you can pick up the rats.)

  7. How many rats are you wanting? (New rat owners are recommended an minimum of 3. I do not home out lone kittens.)

  8. Does or Bucks?

  9. What Variety/ Varieties are you interested in?

I breed Self, Roans and Striped Roans in Black in smooth and rex in top ear and dumbo. Also Silver Fawn and Agouti Rex.

See pictures here http://www.gallifreyrattery.com/varieties

Sometimes I have Agouti, Berkshire and Hooded in Agouti and Black.

  1. Is there any variety you do not want?

  2. Would you be interested in showing the Rats?

  3. Would you be interested in taking on rescues? Kitten, Adults or either?

  4. Are you interested in taking on rehomes? (Sometimes people return rats to me that I have breed as they are unable to look after them anymore)

  5. Have you previously breed rats or are thinking of breeding them?

  6. Are you aware that from mating of rats that it’s possible it will be 3 months till your rats will be available to go to their new homes?

  7. Are you are any other breeders wait list?

Will you make sure to let me know if you end up getting rats from another breeder and no longer want to be on the list or want to defer till later litter straight away?

  1. Do you have any rats at the moment or have you previously had rats?

  2. If you have rats or previously had they where did you get them from e.g. breeder, rescue or pet shop?

If a breeder which breeder?

  1. Do you have any other pets?

  2. Are you aware of the full cost of a rats up kept and have also taken into account of vet fees? (You can not answer yes to this until you have found out the cost of the cage, food and bedding you will get if you are a first time rat owner.)

  3. If you go on holiday do you know who will look after your rats for you? Are you aware that you need to sort this out first before booking your holiday. Are you also aware how much this will cost. If your going to book them into boarding I offer you must make sure you book at least month in advance in order to get a discount.

  4. What cage are your rats currently in? Or which cage are you looking into getting?

If you do not know, what size is it? Please either provide a website link to the cage or attach a picture to the email. (This must be filled in)

  1. What food are you currently feeding your rats or will feed? (This must be filled in you must research before and give full details of the food.)

  2. What bedding are you using or will use? (This must be filled in)

  3. Do you promise to give Monthly updates including information on temperament on the kittens you take?

  4. Do you confirm that these are for pet home only and will not be used for breeding?

  5. Will you be the main carer? (Please note rats will only be homed out to over 18’s)

  6. If at any point you can no longer able to look after the rats do you promise to get back in touch with me first before rehoming?

I will always take back any rats no matter how old they are.

29. Will you ensure you answer all emails I send you even if it’s just to say your no longer interested?

(None answering of emails may result in you not getting any rats from me.)

30. Are you able to travel to my house in Morley West Yorkshire to pick up the kittens?

I am unable to deliver kittens I do not drive and will not met at a train station or bus station as it’s too stressful for the kittens.

  1. Any questions?

Please make sure you fully fill the form in with all details. If I believe you need added advice I can give it but you must do some basic research first. If you don’t then I will just not reply to your application form.