I hope that these will answer any questions you might have. One of the main things I can’t stress enough is to answer emails I send you and let me know if you change your mind about getting kittens or if you reserve some from another breeder straight away not just in answer to a email I sent you.

1. I know you say you don’t home out a single kittens but I already have a rat and just want 1 to keep them company so I only want 1 kitten.

Rats need same age company I will always say no if you ask for a single kitten.

2. I need a rat this week.

I’m not a pet shop I’m a hobby breeder I only home out kittens I’m not keeping. If you want to have kittens from me you might have to wait a while. I don’t breed to make money I lose money breeding. If I did it to make money I propably have to sell the kittens at twice the price I ask for them. They get the best food and care loads of toys and good size cages from birth.

3. Can you promise I will have kittens from the next litter.

The simple answer is no. Everything is on mother nature. I’ve had a litter of 2 and also a litter of 15 I’ve had a litter of 8 bucks (boys) I’ve had litters that none of the kittens have made it. So I give no promises. If you want to go on other breeders lists that’s fine but you must tell me if you reserve kittens from them straight away. Sometimes people drop off the wait list so you may get moved up.

4. I only want so and so type.

I’ll try my best for people to have the rats they want but please note the more you say you only want a certain type the longer you have to wait and I personally from other breeders have waited a year for a rat I really wanted. Also they might be only a few of that type in that litter and I might want to keep them all. From most litters I keep at least 3 sometimes more.

5. I only want dumbo rats.

All pet rats are fancy rats a dumbo rat is not a different species. The only difference between a top ear rat and a dumbo ear rat is where there ears are placed. A dumbo rat is not more friendly rat than a top ear rat. If I have a mix litter of top ear and dumbo I normally home out 1 top ear and 1 dumbo to people. If there is only a couple of dumbos those are likely the ones I will keep for myself.

6. I don’t want a rat with red eyes.

I never understand why people don’t want rats with red eyes they are all lovely. I have 2 lines which produce rats with red eyes.  If you really don’t want any rats with red eyes then please let me know on the application form and I’ll try my best. If I offer you a rat with red eyes and you have not said you don’t like red eyes and turn it down then it’s likely to put you down on the bottom of the wait list again.

7. I don’t want an Albino rat.

Albino are in fact called pink eyed whites which are rats with pink/red eyes and there are also black eyed whites which are white rats with black eyes. The rats I breed are Roans these rats fade in colour so if you get an Siamese roan from me it could end up looking like an Albion/Pink eyed white. Some roans can fade faster some very slowly as an breeder I try and breed so the rats keep the colour as long as possible.

8. I don’t want to pay a deposit.

Sadly I brought this in after people let me down it takes a long time for me to find the right owners for my kittens and a lot of my time answering emails so if I have to do the job again then it’s less time I have to spend with the rats. If you don’t pay it then the rats get offered to someone else.

9. I only want to go on your list if I can come visit your rattery first.

I run a closed rattery so I do not allow others to visit in order to protect my rats from viruses.

If would like to know more about how I keep my rats there is a number of pictures on this site and my facebook page. I am also open to any questions you would like to ask. I go to a number of rat shows Normally ones held by Yorkshire Rat Club and North England Rat Club and I try get to the odd NFRS show. Where you can talk to me and meet some of my rats.

10. Can you deliver the rats to my house.

No I don’t drive and all rats should either be picked up from my house or a rat show I’m going to.

11. How much are your rats?
cost £35 a pair and £50 trio

12. Can you promise that the rats I get from you will never be ill.

Sorry no breeder is able to do this. I always work on the best health I can and try improve life spans but I can not promise this. I recommend everyone set up a vet fund for any illness.

13. What do I get when I get rats from Gallifrey Stud?

  • Friendly healthy tame rats
  • 200 g bag of current dry food (can buy more if wanted)
  • Trial bag of Back to Nature litter
  • Family Tree
  • 10% discount on Small animal boarding (Must book 1 month in advance in order to get discount)

Other items available to buy here