Small rattery based in Morley West Yorkshire near Leeds. I’m breeder of Rats for Pet homes and Show a non cull rattery. Litters are planned in advance and only healthy with good temperament rats are used.
At the 17th May 2014 show Yorkshire Rat Club awarded Gallifrey Rattery Accredited Breeder Status.

Gallifrey Rattery made Stud in July 2016.

The rats have they own room in my house when kittens (baby rats) get to about 2 weeks old they are moved down to the front room in order for them to get use to normal household noises and get to interact with me more.

Please note I do not run this rattery as a business, it is a hobby.  I have a full time job so can not answer messages straight away but if I don’t reply in a week please email again.

I operate a closed Rattery which means I do not allow visits this is in order to protect my rats from illnesses. I do go to quite a few rat shows so your welcome to chat to me there and also meet some of my rats. I have a lot of pictures on my facebook page for you to see my set up and your welcome to ask questions. You will get to meet the mum of you’re kittens when you pick them up.

Please note I do not run a rescue and I am unable to take in any rescue rats as I do not have room for them. I also can not take in accidental litters. Please post about rescue rats here.

The name Gallifrey comes the planet The Doctor in Doctor Who comes from. I choose the name due to the fact I hope all my rats as born special, friendly and always there to help their humans.

Breeding for temperament foremost and then Striped Roans in Black in Top Ear.

Working on Silver Fawn and Agouti Rex

Sometimes have Black Roan Dumbos, Agouti, Hooded and Berkshire in Black and Agouti.

Adoption costs £35 per pair and £50 for a trio

What you get when you get rats from Gallifrey Stud.

  • Friendly healthy tame rats
  • 200 g bag on current dry food (can buy more if wanted)
  • Trial bag of Back to Nature litter
  • Family Tree
  • 10% discount on Small animal boarding (Must book 1 month in advance in order to get discount)

Wait list is Closed

If you want to contact me please email contact@gallifreyrattery.com


I would like to thank the following people for my love of rats and helping with my breeding.
Jannine of Endeavour Rats for being my Mentor and letting me have some of her wonderful rats.

Sheena of Bog Myrtle for my very first rats and answering all my questions.
Nick of  Trinovantum for his advice and pretty Black Roan boys.
Pat of Ouzle’s for my first girls.
Lisa of Halcyon and Julie of Muddiwarx for my Roan Girls.