1. Quotes are valid for 4 days. Bookings can only be kept for 4 days without the advance payment being made. After this,  they will be released to others to book.
  2. Advance payments via bank transfer or paypal only.
  3. Once advanced payment is received, you will have a email sent to confirm you’re pet/pets are fully booked in.
  4. By paying the advance payment you have agreed to all Terms and Conditions.
  5. If the booking is cancelled the advance payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  6. Cancellations made with less than 3 weeks notice may be subject to full payment. Depending on reason and how much notice is given. This is due to the fact by 3 weeks before I am unlikely to be able to get a booking for the boarding space.
  7. 2-3 weeks before their stay you will be sent a email with a questionnaire. You will be allocated a drop off time with the email that has the questionnaire. This can be changed within the available time slot. You must email or message the facebook page within 7 days of receiving the time slot to change it.
  8. If you do not reply to the email at least a week before you’re pet/pets stay your booking will be cancelled and the advance payment kept. You will also be libel to the full boarding fee.
  9. Please be on time for drop off and pick up. I can not guarantee I will still be in if you turn up late. We may need to rearrange a new time if you are going to be more than 30 mins late. Please note late fees may also apply.
  10. On drop off your pet will be given a health check. If they are ill, I will not be able to look after them. This is in order to protect other pets I am looking after and my own pets. If they have a ongoing health issue or require medicine to be given please check with me first to see if I am able to look after them.
    You will be expected to fill in and sign a health check form.
  11. Unlimited hay is available either Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay any other types owner must provide.
  12. A standard serving of the following is available free of charge once a day spring greens, kale, carrots, white cabbage and peppers.
  13. If you would like them to have any other additional fruit or veg or additional servings. This is additional charge or owner can bring extras.
  14. Available bedding Bedmax which is wood shavings sometimes cardboard bedding is available.
  15. You are liable for all vet costs if your pet becomes ill while staying with me, and the cost must be paid on pick up.
  16. All or part of the retainer will be kept if 
    you have supplied your own dry food but it runs out before you return to pick up your pets; the cost of either using my own food or me going out to buy some will be taken out of this.
  17. Days you may be unable to come pick up your pets, costs will be taken out of it.
    Damage to cages. Please note if you pet damages cage in such a way that I am no longer able to use it. E.g chews they way out of the base. You will be required to source a replacement. This can be second hand.
  18. Although I try my best to be available for pick up or drop off, on the rare times it may be my partner that will be there instead of me. I will let you know in advance if this is the case.
  19. After booking, if no one is available to be in on drop off or pick up day that has been pre-arranged at time of booking, you will be offered the nearest available day. You will not be charged for any additional days. If you no longer want to keep the booking, you will receive half of the advance payment back.
  20. If I am unable to look after you’re pet/pets personally due to ill health my partner, who has years of experience with pets and is able to look after them on my behalf.
  21. If I am no longer able to look after you’re pet/pets at all, you will receive the full advanced payment back.