Summer 2019 Pet Boarding

Discounts available on early bookings.

Please note bookings made with less than 2 weeks notice may be subject to additional charges.

Also check out my facebook page which often has discount codes here.

Additional pets sharing same cage 50p or a £1 depending on the pet.

Prices are per day and based on length of stay and number of pets in the cage they start from the following

  • Hamster start from £2.50 up to 2 Sharing the same cage (50p additional sharing same cage)
  • Mice start from £2.50 up to 2 sharing same cage (50p additional sharing same cage)
  • Gerbil start from £2.50 up to 2 sharing same cage (50p additional sharing same cage)
  • Rats Start from £2.50 up to 2 sharing same cage (50p additional sharing same cage) Short stays are charged at £3 per pair per day.
  • Guinea Pigs/Cavies £4.50 up to 2 sharing same cage (£1 additional sharing same cage)
  • Rabbit £5 each or £6.50 for 2 sharing same cage.

Please note there is a none refundable advance payment is required for the booking.

Please note first day is drop off day and last day is pick up day.

Cage borrows

You can borrow cages at the following rates per stay. Please note cages come with a choice of bedding Wood Shavings, Hemp or Cardboard squares. If you are not borrowing a cage you need to bring your own bedding.

120cm (L) x 59cm (D) x 50cm (H) = £5 suitable for rabbits and 2 Guinea Pigs
C & C Cage (2 x 4 grids one floor) = £5 suitable for 2 to 4 Guinea Pigs (bigger available on request)
Mary cage, Alaska = £3 suitable for hamsters, mice and older rats
Freddy 2, Furet plus Jenny = £3 suitable for rats

Please ask if you need a bigger cage.

Please note at certain times of year there will be reduced space when there are either kittens or at Christmas times. So please try make your booking asap.

Bookings require a advanced payment. There may be a additional cost on bank holidays.

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If you would like me to look after them please fill in the form on this page or sent me email at with details of your animals and dates you will be away and I can advise on costs.