Why Roan’s

It all started with 1 rat a rat called Dorian who was a Black Roan Dumbo.

Dorian’s Story


I arranged to move into a new place and I was so scared I would be all by myself no housemates. I decided as a housewarming pressie to myself I would get 2 more rats. So I arranged to pick them up a few days after I moved.

The house move seemed to go as a right mess my friend has a accident and was unable to help me and I was so stressed.

I got to the breeders house to pick you both up I had names already picked out and you we’re going to be Mitchell.I was told I could have who I wanted.
You we’re put into my hands and you started bruxing straight away looking up into my eyes it was almost as if we both knew.
At home I was down everything had got to me and I got you out as you we’re at the bars just looking at me. When I picked you up you we’re all bruxing and then ran up on to my shoulder and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. It was almost as if you knew.
As the night went on I knew I picked the wrong name for you and it must have taken me a week to decide on Dorian.

You we’re never scared and you we’re obsessed with shoulder riding loving being with people. First rat I entered into a show and I was so happy when you got 4th.
Everyone seemed to love you and you lapped it all up.
You seemed to be the rat that welcomed every new rat into the cage and if a rat didn’t want to be friends you made them by making a big rat pile. They gave into your cuddling ways.
I will miss you a great deal and you have that piece of my heart.